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Music Instruments - Tips and Suggestions

Learning musical instruments is one great skill you can add to your list of skills and impress your family and friends. But of course, if you love music or your love singing, learning an instrument or two is a great advantage for you.

In learning musical instruments, you can start with instruments that are easiest to learn or you may also go for those that are popular or those that you can sing along if love singing and if you love composing songs. The guitar is one good instrument to learn if you want to be a musician. You can also learn the piano, which can be learned easily.

Here are some of the instruments that you may want to learn and some tips to help you learn them fast and easy.



Learning to play the guitar is one of the most common goals of many people especially young ones who want to be rockstars or those who dream of going on-stage to accompany their own song with their guitar playing. The guitar is also a great tool to compose and make your own song, as it is light and portable for any budding musician.

To help you speed up your learning the guitar, here are some of the tips to keep in mind.

- Learn to read tablatures. They are the faster way of learning how to play your favorite songs.

- Use the metronome to help you with the timing. Getting the right timing even from the start can help you speed up in learning how to strum the guitar in timing.

- Start learning slowly. It is important that you start slowly to help you learn the techniques correctly. Learn the correct tempo later when you already mastered the basics. Indeed, practicing slowly is important in learning musical instruments, how easy or hard they may seem.



The piano is also a very nice instrument to learn. Aside from easy on the hands, the piano is also easy to learn. Coordination is important in learning the piano. And of course, you have to learn to read notes - a skill that will help you a lot in the future. Here are some tips in learning the piano. Here are other tips to help you learn the piano easily.

- Learn one thing at a time. You can't be a Mozart in a day, so start learning one hand at a time. You may practice the right hand first then the left, and then you can proceed with training the feet.

- Stretch your arms, shoulders, hands, wrists and fingers. They are not just making you flexible, it also helps in getting the right hand position in playing the piano.

- Practice the hard part first before attempting to play the entire piece. Don't skip hard parts of the music. Once you have mastered them, you will realize that the entire music is easy to play.

Aside from these two popular instruments, you can also learn drums, violin, flute and many other instruments that you love to learn how to play. Keep in mind that in learning musical instruments, patience and commitment are also key factors.

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