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Mridanga Servicing

Aruna musicals offers SALES & SERVICE of all types of Musical Instruments in Bangalore.
Mridanga Servicing ? Call : Ph: 9886991666 Bangalore


Mridanga Servicing

musical-instruments-servicing-bangaloreMridanga Repair

musical-instruments-servicing-bangaloreCAP(puri) Fitting

musical-instruments-servicing-bangaloreBAR Fitting, Tightening

musical-instruments-servicing-bangaloreDagga Repairs

musical-instruments-servicing-bangaloreMridanga Tuning

musical-instruments-servicing-bangaloreShruthi Making


musical-instruments-servicing-bangaloreBar Tightening

musical-instruments-servicing-bangaloreKarane Making

Note: Servicing Closed on Saturday and Sunday.




Along with the quality instrument sales, we also offer our customers the finest quality Mridanga repairs at competitive prices. Whether you are a beginner or professional, we are your complete source for all of your Mridanga instrument repair needs.

Please contact us with any questions you may have on Mridanga, or to request our services on a Mridanga instrument. We ensure that you receive the finest care and service, whether it is with a Mridanga repair, a purchase or a sale.

Meanwhile, visit our shop sometime soon and check out our growing collection of music instruments.




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