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The veena is a classical Indian stringed instrument. It resembles a Western lute, but has a smaller, more spherical body and an extra resonator attached to the neck.

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A harmonium is a free-standing keyboard instrument similar to a reed organ. Sound is produced by air being blown through sets of free reeds.

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A sitar is a plucked string instrument common to Classical Indian music, particularly in the Hindustani (northern Indian) classical traditions.

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Tabla is one of the most famous instruments of India. Drums are seen in the Pushkaras depictions in the Ajanta sculptures.

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ArunaMusicals deals with all kinds of Branded Guitars

Gibson Guitar Shop in Bangalore

Considers one of the best guitar brands in the world is available in ArunaMusials Bangalore.

Fender Guitars Shop in Bangalore

Has a Good name and fame and favorite of most professionals all the times

Ibanez Guitars Shop in Bangalore

This guitar was most impresses by youth and considered as the brand for next generation.

Epiphone Guitar Shop in Bangalore

Available for limited edition and are good to play 60’s tunes.

Jackson Guitars Shop in Bangalore

More advanced guitars with some unique shaped and aggressive designs.

ESP guitars Shop in Bangalore

This guitar has the high power accompanied with fast play and delivers great sound quality.

Yamaha Guitars Shop in Bangalore

Yamaha making it to industry has gained sufficient name and spreading smiles on the guitarists.
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